Cawa Media
and Jo Li Han Productions are going to do a documentary about the legendary guitarist Janne Schaffer. He have played with many great musician´s but is best known for being ABBA´s guitarist on most of their records. He has also played with musicians as Jeff, Mike and Steve Porcaro from TOTO as well as their father Jo Porcaro, Ted Gärdestad, Electric Banana Band, Björn J:son Lindh, Tina Turner, Frank Zappa, Neil Sedaka, Todd Rundgren, Georgie Fame, amongst many others. He has also written film music together with Johnny Nash and Bob Marley.

We are going to follow him during a six-month period and it´s going to be a great plesure doing so.

Johannes Lindgren / Peter L Johansson 
Jo Li Han Productions / Cawa Media    

more info about Janne at

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